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Regenerate or clone? (1999-12-2)
Q Bonk,

I wrote you once before for advice, and may I say you were right on the money, I hope you can help me again.
I have a plant that I found about 3 inches high last summer in my front yard.(true story) Well it grow to about 5 feet and budded real nice (although plant was not real bushy). I never clipped that whole time.
After reading on the net to find out how to regenerate new growth, I clipped the top 1/3 of the plant off and I have the light on it alot.
New growth started, but on only one branch of the plant. Its actually really adding alot of new leaves but the rest is just very slowly drying up.
Is there any way to save this plant since there is new growth on part of it? Or is there any way to clone it at this point?
Thank you for help.

A Hello Allen,

If the new growth is long enough (i.e. two inches) you could cut off a clone (more if possible). Make sure it has AT LEAST one full grown leave (five fingers), if not wait till it has. Don’t overfeed the old plant but give it tap water only.
I would not spend too much energy on the "old" plant. Genetically speaking a clone (or cutting as we call it in NL) is a copy of the original plant. You could go on "4ever" with the same plant, but you'd be better of to keep a (copy of the) plant in a generative stage since this is easier to handle.

I really have to add a section on the making and handling of clones to the site, but I’m very busy at the moment surviving the rat race, so you have to do with a quick run over.
(In the mean time I finished this section, have a look.)

To keep a short-day plant – as weed is – in a vegetative stage, all you have to do is to give it a minimum amount of light for eighteen hours a day.
Or to be more precise, do not let it have nights longer than six (to twelve) hours.
From this plant you take new clones, and like I said, you could go on and on and ... When this “mother plant” is getting “tired” you just replace it with one of the cuttings (the best).

Cuttings are just what the word says; they are a piece of plant, cut off of the original. Weed wants to grow that much that you don’t even need rooting agents or such. Just place the cutting in some dirt (mixed with sand) or a piece of (agricultural) rock wool and roots will appear in a few (two till four) weeks.

Make sure you cut the clone with a sharp knife, razor blades are perfect, and make the cut diagonal (do not use scissors). If you live in a very dry area, you could halve the leaves to prevent evaporation, but building a “plastic tent” is better. Moisture should be around the 80% (Relative) going down while growing (to 60%). Temperature 22 – 25 degrees Centigrade (times 1.8 + 32 = F).
For lighting you can use fluorescent tubes color 33 (Cool white), the ones used in office buildings and shops.
Keep the soil or rock wool moist, but not soaking wet; roots need oxygen and water is a bad transporter of the latter.

Hope this helps,


Stop grow. (1999-9-3)
Q Hello Bonk.

After reading several different sites to learn about growing I have a few questions that have not been addressed.
First the plant I have I found in my front yard, I did not plant it myself but it is now approximately 3 months old. By reading info, I know it is a female, and is about 4 1/2 ft. tall. It was outside for the first 2 1/2 months until we obviously could not leave it there so we brought it indoors. We have had it on a 12 - 12 cycle for a couple weeks now and it has produced alot of what looks like flowering with white hairs.
My problem is the heighth of the plant. How do you stop the upward growth (or do you?)? Can you "clip" it to allow it to bush outward? We have no more room to move the lighting upward. Also, exactly how long is the flowering to budding stage?

allen s.
A Hey Allen,

Well, the flowering with white hairs is what it's all about. Most plants are ripe when those hairs are getting brown for, say 75%. How long that will take - time wise - is hard to say, it depends a lot on genetics. It could be as fast as six weeks, but it could also take four months. Take a sample every now and than from the lower branches, you could quick-dry it in a micro wave (the taste is terrible thought).

The problem with cutting of the top and/or branches (if that's what you mean with clipping) is that for every branch you take off, you get two back. Besides that you should "never" cut a blooming plant because it costs a lot off power.
Span some (plastified) wires criss-cross around your plant(s). Bow tops and branches down and use the same wire to tie them down. (the result looks a bit like a fishing rod with a reel and a big fish hanging from it) Do not tie the plant to the cross-wires though, they are just there to prevent the plant from falling.

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