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9 Seed and cuttings.
99-12-13: Most people start out with seed.
They buy it, find it, or it get's 'blown in by the wind' (yeah sure ;-)
After smoking what comes of, you're either glad it's finished or you're sad because you wished you had more of the same ...
That's where having cuttings come in handy, it's the trick for having the same quality again and again.
8 Drying and curing.
99-9-8: Most weed is mistreated as far as drying is concerned.
And most growers don't even know the meaning of the word 'curing' ...
I wrote this as an answer to a question, so maybe it should have been placed on the FAQ pages.
But then I decided against it, because so much weed is dried too fast, causing a sharp taste.
So now, even before I taught you how to grow them, I'm teaching you how to dry, cure, and stash your favorite plants.
7 SEX.
99-5-28: Let's talk about sex.
Or better, let's show some (dirty?) pictures of weed plants in the nude ;-)
Pictures replace a thousand words each, so it's a lot easier for me as well.
Contains 85 KB worth of picture's so it might take some time to download.
6 Hydroponics.
99-3-22: A small explanation on hydroponics.
What is it and who invented it. And how do I use it in my indoor weed garden?
These day's rock wool is used a lot, but you can't just use any wool, and it has to be prepared.
5 Preparing your indoor garden.
99-3-22: We need to prepare the room in which we are going to grow.
Before we can grow weed, there are a few things we must change to the room to make a nice environment for our plants.
Also we need some extra things, besides lamps and fans.
4 Light.
99-3-8: Light is just as important as air
Because we grow our weed indoors, we need an artificial light source.
Not just any light-bulb will do, and the one's that will do the trick need special devices to start them up.
A short piece about electricity, and while we're on the subject of light, let's talk about the dark side of (plants) life.
3 Air.
99-2-18: IMHO, air is the most underestimated thing in growing weed.
People seem to think that plants don't need as much air because they don't have lungs. How wrong they are.
To grow, plants need lots of air! The best results usually comes from those gardens with the best ventilation system!
But what do we need a labyrinth for? To keep the cops out?
2 A place to grow.
99-2-18: First thing we have to do is finding the right place to grow.
If you live in a (sub-) tropical area it's easy, find a place outside and let mother nature take care of things.
The rest of us have to find an indoor space and play mother nature themselves.
Advantages and drawbacks from different rooms plus a way to turn the night into day and vice versa.
1 The basics.
99-1-30: To grow weed you have to know what makes little plants grow
For that we have to take a look at the basic fact's of life on earth.
The study of life handled on a single page.
(Well I did leave out some of the details ;-)
99-1-22: Why I came to write a course.
Or, more precise, why I started translating the thing.
Who I am, how to contact me and some of the legal notices
(no web site seems to be complete without them ;-)


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