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Ozone generators (1999-7-16)
Q Hello Bonk.

I have a question for you, does a ozone generator really work well?
Are they loud at all? I have to find away of getting my garden to smell better.
Also I want to know if having my furnace run on just the fan would help out my CO2 levels.

Thanks for the help: I will pass your site to others.

Take Care: Mark from Wisconsin.
A High Mark,

First the good news:
Ozone generators are not loud, they are supposed to make no sound at all, and it seems they do take care of smells.
The bad news is that they affect the high of your weed, which isn't as good anymore if you use ozone generators.
Don't ask me why, I'm just the messenger boy ;-)
If you really want to use one, don't use it inside your growing room.

In Holland 'nobody' uses ozone generators to ban smells.
There's a special line of sprays and fluids sold that should take care of aromas, but sometimes they smell worse than weed. Frequently people get caught because of the stink caused by these sprays (well, one can overdo anything ;-).
Best thing to use against smells are activated carbonfilters. These are not a very cheap solution, but they do work and might save you from a lot of trouble.
Also make sure you have a light 'underpressure' in your room, i.e only use a fan to suck air out, or use a lighter one to blow air in (in combination with a big 'sucker'). This makes that air will be sucked into your growing-room through the holes and cracks you forgot. Overpressure would cause your whole house to smell.
Here's more about air and filterdevices.

Any combustion produces CO2.
Take care because badly adjusted furnaces also produces CO and NOx, poisonous to both man and plant.
Also the light could cause a problem, but plants don't take up CO2 at night so you don't have to run the furnace for CO2 (maybe for heat?).
CO2 will only give better yields if all the other essential growing-factors are taken care of. It is not a way of improving a 'bad atmosphere'.


About lighting and clones (1999-6-24)
Q Hi there.

I have read your site and it's great. It's good that we have people like you helping the worl nation with guides of how to grow.

Howerver, I have some questions that I would be more than happy if you could answer.

About lightings:
I can choose between 3 kinds of fluorescent, Cold White (the flow of light is 2800 lumens, color temp is 4100 Kelvin, 40 Watts), Warm White (the flow of light is 2850 lumens, color temp is 2900 Kelvin, 36 Watts) and Day Light fluorescent (the flow of light is 2500 lumens, color temp is 6200 Kelvin, 40 Watts).
Which of those three flourescents is the best for the first month growing cycle (or for cloning). Should I use 2 lamps or one?

** (remark): Flow of light is the intensity measured in lumens.
Color Temperature is measured by Kelvin and shows the spectrum of colors.


Cutting the buds:
If I have the plant at the end of the flowering stage, which means that the buds are now ready for cut, most guides in the internet say to cut all the plant.
I have tried to cut only the buds or even leave it as it is and force the plant to another growing period.....but it died!
Is it possible to let a plant grow again after getting the buds?
If not how is it possible tht you see in Thailand or Africa plants bigger like trees?
Maybe the answer is by letting it make seeds with a male and than let is into a growing period?


If I want to clone the plant, when should I do it, before the buds, after the buds?
If I do it after the buds cuttings, I have the same problem as I wrote above - the plant dies. If I make it befor the bud - how could I know it's a good plant genetically that produces or will produce great buds?


Thank you very very very much for answering me.
yours sincerely Lior.

A Hello Lior. About lighting:
Problem is there's no international agreement about naming fluorecents, but I think the first (Cold White) and the last (Daylight) would be the best for (vegetative) growing, and cloning.
In Holland the tubes sold as "Cool White / color 33" work best. These are the tubes used in most public buildings, factories or wherever they need a lot of (cheap) light. Because of their wide use they are sold very cheap.
I always use two or three 220 Volt / 36 Watt, about 1,2 meter bulbs, about 5 to 10 cm. above the cuttings.
For the first month of growing you could just as well use HPS lamps because even if the color may not be perfect, the flow is!!!

Cutting the buds:
Hey man, in Africa they have a tropical climate, the lenght of day is about the same the whole year through.
Also, probably you are using hybrids, if you're lucky even F1's.
You wouldn't want to have a plant as big as a tree in your indoor garden now, would you?

Best thing to do for the smoke is to cut the whole plant and hang it upside down to dry. Don't force drying, and don't cut any leaf untill the whole plant is completely dry. That way the smoke is sweeter and more easy to inhale.
However, it is very possible to force a blooming plant back into vegetative stage by altering the length of day.
Most of the time this will not work with a full grown - blooming - plant, and besides it's a shame wasting good weed ;-)
Cut about the top three quarters of the plant an dry this part for smoking.
Also take most of the colas out, dry and smoke them, cause they would die anyway.
With the bottom part you could try to force it back. For this it needs leafs, so leave as much on as possible.
Leach the soil, stone wool, or whatever growing-medium you use with plenty of clean water to get rid of any left-over nutrients, and be very, very careful with adding new nutrients. Now place the plant under a minimum of eighteen hours of light a day and wait.
It could take as long as a few months, but as long as there's life, there's hope.
It does take a lot of work though, and results are hard to get so a better way of keeping your plants alive is answered in:

You cut clones before buds-time, as a matter of fact you cut them in the vegetative stage, i.e. eighteen hours of light.
About knowing if a plant will be any good, the answer is simple: you don't, you have to find out yourself.
Of course, once you did find out, you could make clones over and over again from the same plant.
That is to say: if you still got them and keep good track of wich clone is made from wich plant.
The good news is you can keep a plant for ages, provided you do not let it bloom (yes, you need two seperate rooms for that).


In the mean time I finished the section on seed and cuttings.




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