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Growing Haze

January 22, 1999

Seems I did get myself into a bit of a problem. No big deal, getting into problems is one of my habits.
This site was started as a 'hobby', I love growing and smoking, and I like to fool around with computers. I did get a nice response, but most of my visitors were Dutch-speaking.
Then a site that's attracting a lot of visitor's from all over the world linked to me and more people started visiting my pages.
Which were all in Dutch, except for one page where I had made the statement that I would translate the thing if I had enough response.
I must have been completely wasted when I wrote that down.
In a court of law I would plead temporarily insane, but since this is real life I'll keep to my word ;-)
So what you're looking at now is already the second English page, and the start of al lot more.

Problem numero uno is time, this site is a one-man operation and I have to work like anybody else to make a living. I'm not making any money from this site, in fact it only costs me money, especially phone-bill's are a crime in Europe. But hey, it's a hobby and spending my day's in one of our famous Dutch coffee-shops costs a lot more and isn't half as much fun.
Than there's the fact that English is not my main language. As you can see I manage to get my message across (with a little help from the MS spellchecker ;-), but I don't know a lot of the more 'technical' words.

Who am I? My nickname is Bonk, by which everybody, including the law, knows me, except for my mother. Well she knows of my name, but she refuses to call me like that.
I'm forty-six years old and was once called an old hippie by a judge after being busted for growing pot. Well, who am I to disagree with a judge? I grow a beard, my freak-flag still flies, still believe that if nobody came there would be no war, so I guess I am an old hippie! Hey man, I even inhaled my first joint when I smoked it some thirty years ago. Still do so by the way.

I specialize in Haze and I grow them indoors on Rockwool. That's the way it was taught to me some thirteen years ago, and I just stuck to it. Tried to improve things a little, that's all. There are some people who get some results growing them on soil, but it's very hard to do.
Because we are talking big plants here, after about six weeks they get a problem with nutrients. Most of the times this problem is solved by giving a Hydro-nutrition, so you can't really speak of growing on soil.
Sometimes this soil-grown weed is sold as bio-weed, to give people the feeling it's a more natural way of doing things.

I feel that growing indoors under HPS light is already an unnatural and stressful situation for the plant. Because of that I see no point in making things even worse by having it struggle for food and water. Mind you, a little stress seems to be good for the quality of the weed but one can overdo anything.
For a plant there is no difference in Nitrogen-ions coming from cow-dung or so called chemical sources.
Of course as a grower you have a responsibility not to pollute our, and our children's environment, so please be aware that the substances you are working with do not belong in nature in high concentrations.
You could water your garden with the run-off from your hydro-garden but don't overdo things and always mix with water.
BTW also used soil does not belong in nature, here in Holland it is sometimes even considered to be toxic-waste because of the high nutrient concentrations that are still in it. Also a lot of times Perlite (little pieces off volcanic rock) is added to the soil to make it hold more air and water. In say two hundred years from now people would still find these little fragments off rock. So you see also growing your weed on soil has its disadvantages for our environment.

One of the things I observed during the last years is the enormous rise of high-tech growing. People are measuring pH, EC, PPM, and CO2 without actually knowing what they are measuring. Computers mix the nutrient-solution, and as we all know the computer is always right.
Another thing I observed is the quality of the weed on the market today is lousy, to say the least. I won't go as far as stating the two things are somehow related, probably the fact that the majority of today's pot-growers is more into growing money has a lot to do with it as well.

Although one can buy a - fully automated, no problem, put in a clone here and take out your smoke there - weed-machine on every street-corner here in Holland, I still water my plants by hand. It's the best way to get to know them and to foresee problems.
One example: sometimes during the first weeks one plant uses a lot less water then the others do. It might still look healthy now, but something is definitely wrong and problems will arise later.
Sometimes this has to do with what I call a lazy root. Because the plant is grown in hydro-culture life is (to) easy and it only takes water and nutrients with one or two underdeveloped roots.
My solution for this problem? Don't water this plant till the rockwool is getting dry and the leaves start hanging. Than fill it up with a 50% nutrient-solution till everything is soaking wet. After that give it the normal treatment like you give your other plants.
This way you force it to make new roots to find water. It won't work all of the times but a plant like that won't do much good if left unattended. Treating it the way I described often gives it an extra boost; it might end as one of the best plants in your garden.

This is more or less what you can expect to find on these pages, growing according to kiss. Although I will cover pH and EC (PPM) later, I will make no big deal out of it because actually it isn't. Some tips and tricks are for a better crop like in more weed, but most of the times tips are for a better quality.

Again I want to make clear to you that I will not send you any seeds, clones, or weed. First of all there are no more Haze-seeds left. Anyone telling you different is lying. As a matter of fact there are even no pure Haze's, only hybrids. Pure, 100% Haze would be a crime to grow indoors. I heard from good sources that some plants took from May till April the next year to fully flower. Being quite potent it was called Aprils-fools weed.
This is nice if you live in a (sub-) equatorial area where there's no law against growing weed, grass is green and people are friendly, but it's a bit of an impossibility to grow plants like that indoors like most of us do. So, we're stuck to hybrids I'm afraid.
BTW should anyone know of a country like the one I just wrote about, please give me a call. I'd love to spend my old day's there.


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