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Growing Haze.


Make them flower (1999-6-13)
Q Hey BonK;

Searching the web for info, I was glad to come across your site.
Like you, I am an old bearded, pot smoking/and now growing hippie.
I got tired of paying the high price, and besides it is getting a little hard to come by when your over 40.
So, I dediced to try growing it myself. I read several articles on how to grow, but I think a friend of mine gave me the best advise.
He said "It is a damn weed for crying out loud. Give some water and sunshine, and leave the damn thing alone"!
So far he was right. The plants are about 6 weeks, and they look great. The are outdoors, and I wondering on how to make them flower. Any help would be appreciated.


A Hello Bagworm,

He's both right and wrong, this friend of yours.
Off course, if the strain is good, and the climate is right something worth smoking will always come out.
But on the other hand weed tends to take up a lot of nutrients, so you cannot grow it for more than two years in a row on the same place. Without adding manure that is. Moroccan hash-farmers have to add a lot of nutrients to the soil, because they grow their crop year after year on the same place.

For 'home-growing' you don't have to make such a fuzz, it is weed after all. Indeed, just make sure it gets watered and it will take care of itself.
Remember to take out the male plants as soon as you can see the difference.

One thing you can't do outside is 'making them flower'. Flowering is caused by photoperiod, i.e. the length of the day.
I am working on an article which will explain this in more detail, but time is short and also I'm suffering the upgrade to W98 ;-(

Hope this will be of any help to you.

Take care and let your freak flag fly {;-)>

RE: Make them flower (1999-6-16)
Q Hey Bonk:

Thanks for the info. I think the seeds I used are a Northern Light variety, very skunky smelling. I have a different strain, seeds from Amsterdam that I will try next year if everything goes well this year. If you have minute, please answer this question. After about 90 to 100 days, is it possible to put the plants in total darkness to cause flowering? Will total darkness harm the plants? Again, thanks for your help, and if you were here (or I there,) I would share my harvest with you.

A High again,

Well, if you grow them in containers that could be a solution. Maybe better don't wait for ninety days though, it might be better for your back ;-)

Seriously, they can get big, and they have to be moved twice a day.
Placing your plants in (twelve hours of) total darkness (per 24 hour period) will definitely cause flowering. And I do mean pitch-dark here! One thing is of great importance, namely plants need regularity. They don't like it if the 'sun comes up' at a different time everyday, so you have to be really punctual!

Another problem could be a moist climate once they are flowering. This will give a better environment for fungus, and you don't want that. Besides that, the cola's will sometimes just rot away when they get wet.

Here is something you could do; actually it's what an old friend of me did.

He had some lamps in his barn, which was further completely sealed of from light (but not from air, mind you).
The lamps were switched on and off by a simple timer (with relay!) so he would not forget or actually, so he could forget ;-)
If the sun were shining, he would place all his thirty-eight plants outside ASAP, and of course, he would then switch of the light and ventilation (being Dutch and all that jazz).
When the sun was going down, or rain was threatening (about twice a day here in Holland ;-), all of these plants had to be placed inside again. Lights on, and make sure they are switched off by the timer at the correct time, i.e. twelve hours after lights-on.

I can tell you that there is a lot more work involved here than you might think at first thought. In no time, all of his friends knew when his plants had to be placed out- or inside, and everybody would make sure they were somewhere else!

In other words, and to answer your question more shortly, it might harm you more than it will harm your plants. There's a lot of work involved, and you have to be there each and every day, but punctuality (and some technique) might pay off.
If you live in a sunny environment, you could use fluorescent tubes because it would only be needed to keep photoperiod in sync (color 33, or cool-white). If possible try to get Metal Halides, especially High Pressure Sodium (Son-T+ = best).

And take care, plants need plenty of fresh air!

I hope this mail will reach you, I'm still having a hell of a time trying to get adjusted to the way Bill is thinking about computing these days.

windowsill (1999-6-4)
Q I just started growing my own weed for the first time.
I planted a few seeds that I had saved but only one of them began to grow.
I have it in a small flowerpot on my windowsill and I keep the window open. It has been about a month since I planted it and it is almost 6 inches tall and has eight leaves. It gets plenty of sunlight and fresh air and seems to be getting bigger every time I go to water it. I have neither the room nor the money for any special equipment and I was wondering if this method of growing could ever result in smokeable marijuana, and if so how long might it take?
Any information you could give me would be great.
Thank you for time.
A High,

First of all you have to find out if it is all worth your troubles, i.e. is the one plant you have left a female.
Have a look at my answer to another FAQ.
You also might want to look at these drawings.
If it's a he, you might not want to go on. Male plants also have a high, but it's not as strong as the female high.

If it's a she, it's worth a try. You might even try it outside, lot's of people grow weed on a balcony or garden here in Holland.
Of course, depending on the climate growing inside gives better quality, not to mention avoiding problems with the local law.

My page handling the basics of growing tells you about the relation of the length of light and flowering.
Keep this in mind because it might mean the difference.

You cannot control the (sun) light, but you can block it though this involves some extra work. Make sure your plant gets twelve hours of light a day.
Also, just as important, make sure it gets twelve hours of total darkness.
Place your plant in a darkroom, or place a cardboard box around it, and do so each day at about the same time.
For best results you need to place your plant in the biggest pot or container you can find, so in the same time you can grow some muscles ;-)
How long this all will take is depending on climate, TLC, and - most of all - genetics, so it's hard to say when she (?) will be ripe.
Will it be smokeable?
As the British say: "the proof of the cake is in eating it". I can assure you that your first self-made cake always tastes better than the one from the bakery. (though your friends might not agree ;-)

In addition, most people I know find growing weed a fascinating thing to do.
Even if the weed is not smokeable, it still is a nice plant.
And hey, what can "the man" do if everybody's doing it?

Take care,




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