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Growing Haze.


Seed (1999-5-3)
Q Hi there..I just viewed your page and was intererested in it right away.

I have just started a small home project, I found some seeminly nice seed and figured why not.
I was wondering if you have any good tips for a beginner. would really like for this to turn out.
Since this is my first time planting I just put down a few seeds in case I fuck it up.

Anyways and input you could give me would be pretty cool.


A High to you,

Keep your seeds warm, moist, and in the dark until they sprout (for instance on wet cotton-wool).
After you see the first sprouts come out, place them in moist (not wet) soil in a small container - like a plastic coffee cup - make some holes in it so water can get out, and keep things moist and warm.
They will need a minimum of eighteen hours of light to start up, more light is ok but they do need some night-rest as well, so don't overdo things.
As a source of light you could use fluorescent tubes (TL as we call them in Holland) color 33, or Cool White, hang two or three about three inches above your (little) plants and pull them up as they grow. Also adding a few more tubes would do no harm.
When the roots start to fill the container, you need to plant them in a bigger one, using fresh soil.

This will cover your behind for the first few months, for blooming fluo's do not give enough light and beside that, it is of the wrong color.
Try to get a hold of High Pressure Sodium light.

BTW, should you grow hydroponics then it's ok to place the plant on rock wool or the likes right from the start.


Which bulb? (1999-4-13)
Q Hello brother.
What type of bulb-light do you use for keeping a marihuana plant inside an apartment whit little light?
About three hours of non direct light per day.
Also the average temperature where i live is 50º F or 13º C.
How much water does my plant need per week.
Thanks for your help.


A Hello Peter,

I normally use High Pressure Sodium for blooming.
If you can't get those try to get Metal Halide lamps (Mercury), they are a good second choice.
Try to make sure your plants don't catch any other light during lights-off period, i.e. it should be really, really dark for twelve hours per day. You probably would need something to prevent the artificial light source from shining through the windows for 'security' anyway, so do take care of that bro.

Temperature is too low, especially the roots need a minimum of 20º C.
Air-temperature is of less importance but probably moisture will be a problem with the lower temperatures. Since it is inside I suggest some kind of heating.
Especially starting plants need higher temperatures at night too!

How much water depends on how big they are ;-)
If grown in soil: try not to overdo things. Wait 'till the top-layer (about 1 - 1.5 in.) of the soil gets dry, use your finger here. Then give plenty of water until a bit of it will drip out at the bottom of the container. After that wait 'till the top-layer is dry again.
BTW seedlings and cuttings should be kept moist at all times until the roots are working, i.e. until you see the plant grow (moist is not soaking wet!).
If you grow hydroponics your plant's roots should NEVER dry out. In fact you should always give a little (about 20%) extra water-nutrient solution to flush out the waste products.

Hope this answers your questions.

Quick rig? (1999-3-23)
Q Hey,
would I be able to grow anything worth having from seeds that I saved from bags of weed. It was only good shit once. And also, I have limited money, so could you explain a quick rig to get started?


A Hey Noah,

Of course you can grow weed from 'saved' seeds.
If the end-product is word smoking depends a lot on the way how, and where, the weed - where you took the seed from - was grown. Let me explain this a little.

For the good sake of quality, most indoor growers only grow female plants 'sinsemilla' style, which means without seed. The way to archive this is by banning al contact with male plants. Sometimes the ladies won't take up with this treatment, after all they are not there for our satisfaction (alone ;-), they want to grow seed and multiply.
So what happens is a female plant will sometimes grow a few male flowers as well, which will pollinate the females in the whole room. The seed from these bisexual or hermaphrodite plants is of a low quality, to say the least, so you probably don't want to use it.

Seed from outdoor weed, especially from abroad, is a different cup of 'tea'. Because these plants probably are pollinated by 'real' male's, the seed is more potent and will stand a better chance. If the end product is worth smoking can only be found out by trying it. Sometimes 'commercial' growers will pollinate their weed by purpose to add up weight. They will use inferior males for this, so you probably don't want this seed either.

From the above you now know that you can toss away the indoor 'sinsemilla' seed and you might want to save the 'foreign' outdoor seed. But I think it will never reach the same quality as the hybrids that are specially 'designed' for indoor growing. Of course, one could be lucky.
So, IMHO if you can't get a hold on seeds or cuttings from a known quality, it's always worth while to try your 'saved' (foreign) seeds.

A quick rig is something else.
Starting up seedlings takes little room, air, and light. You could use fluorescent tubes for the light. Put your seeds in small pots, filled with moist (cactus) soil or small (water saturated) rock wool cubes and keep them covered a bit. Place these pots or cubes in a dark and warm room or closet, and keep it moist, not wet. Check every day and as soon as the seed germinates place the seedlings under 18 hours of - not too strong - light. Try to keep humidity high as 80%. A way to do this is by building a tent with transparent plastic, but remember, plants need air so you have to make holes for ventilation.
If your plants start developing more leafs and branches you need to add light but fluo's still would do the trick. Also you should start ventilating for fresh air a bit more. In case of a tent, slowly open it a bit longer everyday.

By the time the seedlings have developed about four or five - pairs of - branches you should change the day period from 18 to twelve hours per day. From this day on you absolutely need High Pressure Sodium-lamps because they are the only ones that will give enough light in the right color. Also ventilation starts to become a real problem now. I always feel that a few, strong plants give a better result than a lot of small ones. And plants won't grow strong if they have to fight for space while young, so give them lots of room right from the start..

So, my advise to you?
Nothing beats the high of the first plants you grow yourself, except maybe your first night alone with your girlfriend.
They say Mary Jane Warner does something to your memory, and indeed I agree. She sometimes makes it easier for me to forget things I didn't wanna remember anyway.
But after all these years I can still remember the high of my first homegrown weed. I did smoke better quality before, and I sure smoked better afterwards, but there's always something special about smoking buds you grew yourself. And as you know, the first time is extra special.

Another thing I want to add is the fact that like anything else in life, you can't learn how to grow weed from a book. Not even from my site, as good as it is ;-) You learn things by doing them, you learn most by making mistakes, at least that's the way I've learned.
What you can learn from me is to use the right material. A good fan and a professional HPS lamp is the least you need. For safety you might want to use an activated coal filter. Sorry to say, these things don't come cheap.

Hope this answers your question for now, feel free to ask more.





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